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I liked her more than the others because more effort seemed to be involved. Anyone can pop off a Barbie head and paint the stump red.

When I was much younger (junior high or thereabouts) I made a Sculpey statue of Lady Jane Grey. Someone bought it on Ebay and now it's in some big collection of Lady Jane Grey stuff somewhere. My mom made me stop doing sculptures, they were giving her nightmares.

Then all the Tudor hype came along (with series like "The Tudors" and mass-marketed novels/movies like "The Other Boleyn Girl") and ruined Tudor history for me. It was bad enough that the Helena Bonham Carter/Cary Elwes "Lady Jane" movie was mooned over by a subset rivaling "Twilight" fandom, but now it's just too damn mainstream.

If you notice, a huge chunk of those dolls are Tudor-era.

French history had been pretty safe and then that Kirsten Dunst movie came along. Now I hear they're going after Charlotte Corday too. Most of the French-made historicals try to be accurate, but hell, put Marie Antoinette in Converse All-Stars and have her dance to "I Want Candy", why the hell not.
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