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Only Jimmy from "Road House"?!? But Wesley is the one that does the asshole stuff in that movie (and just for fun!). Besides, he has the best line in the whole film. When he's fighting with Swayze on his trophy room (filled with dangerous highly-sought game as a giraffe and a polar bear) he says

"I see you found my trophy room, Dalton. The only thing missing... is your ass."

Which, the first time I saw the movie made me wonder how would Wesley would display Dalton's Ass to his visitors, hanging on a wooden shield-formed wooden plaque on a wall.

"Oh yes, I didn't had complete satisfaction while killing walruses, buffaloes and giraffes, but I found it when I HUNTED FOR ASS!"

Everytime I see that film, or someone mentiones this scene, a denim wearing butt on a wooden plaque comes to my mind.

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