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Thanks for the continued suggestions guys... definitely keep 'em coming because I'll still be doing more installments of this series. And don't worry, if I haven't gotten to some of your favorite assholes yet, I probably will at some point.

Mrbigstick, I never saw the third TMNT movie because I heard it was really bad, but now that I know Tatsu (well, his ancestor) is in it, I'll have to check it out. Still, it's hard to go anywhere but down when the previous movie reached a new cinematic apex by having Vanilla Ice and ceremonial donuts being fed to mutants in it. You just can't top that.

HeroliciousDeBlanc, yep, same guy! He really was good at playing assholes on the silver screen, eh?

Silver, Clubber Lang was just extremely angry... but I think Ivan Drago was way more of an assholes. He kills Apollo Creed, looks down at his lifeless body and without any emotion whatsoever, he says, "If he dies, he dies." Now THAT is an asshole.

Commanderraf, I already explained in the article that Wesley is a huge asshole, but Jimmy is my favorite one in that movie. And the title of this article is "My Favorite Movie Assholes", so I'm definitely gonna stay true to that when deciding who to write about. Ask 90% of people who've seen Road House what their favorite line in the movie is, and I guarantee you, they'll quote Jimmy's prison line. It's just too damned funny.
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