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I... customize action figures. Yeah, the babes love me. Here's some of my little kit-bashed models and toys. It isn't the greatest stuff but I like it. :3

The Wasteland Patrol:

The figures are 1/35th scale, made of various kits and bits.

Blue Hover-Tank:

This one is 1/72nd scale, made with vehicle parts and figures from a D-Day model set.

This pic is just to show the size of these pieces next to a Canadian quarter:

This guy is some futuristic soldier composed of a 21st century toys body along with parts from G.I. Joe's, Star Wars figures and random parts.

Star Wars Guys!!!

A Sexy Sullustan:

Imperial Commando:

Damaged IG droid:

Random Spaceman:

Do you guys see anything that you think could use some improvement? Tell me what y'all think!
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