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blow it out your ass
it's lazy because they couldn't think of something new so they just redid the villain storyline of the first movie, but made it worse

as for the "coming full circle" thing-he's batman for less than a year, quits, suits up maybe 3 more times and quits permanently so he can live the rest of his days as a selfish ass
that's full circle? or is it that he left all his gear to some unqualified, untrained beat cop doofus to become the new batman, although realistically he'd be dead awfully quick

maybe my expectations were a little high, i was hoping for some kind of cross between the dark knight and knightfall, where in the end batman defeats bane, clears his name and continues to be the selfless "hero" watching over gotham
and what i got was quitman and friends in some mangled mess fighting the villains from the world is not enough
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