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yea.. they've been trying to get me kicked out for months just cause i told them that i expect them to buy a vacuum cleaner and a trashcan (after four months of living here). They told me we should all contribute something, so I brought an entire living room worth of furniture. They told me they got kitchen stuff and bought "bathroom stuff." The bathroom stuff was a one dollar hand soap dispenser, we only have like 4 forks and I brought most of the dishes. Most of the stuff they "contributed" they sold within the first week of living here because my stuff was so cool. They didn't even bother to use the hundreds of dollars they made from that to buy a cheap trashcan or vacuum cleaner. I literally had to beg them to buy a broom from the dollar store. Also my one room mate wouldn't even let me hit his bong because it has "sentimental value."
the first time that guy tried to start a fight with me was because i told him i was bringing way more shit than him so i kinda expect him to stfu about me paying rent late the first month (school ends in the middle of a month, so i wasnt even living here when we could move in). He wrote me and said some shit like, "PAY UR FUCKIN RENT." Started a fight with me, lost, then got on facebook and dug up old photos of me and posted shit talking stuff. I embarrassed him on facebook so he deleted what he wrote. Anyway, turns out he paid rent late the first month too and EVERY SINGLE MONTH after that
so yea they called the landlord to spy on my pot plants, but i replaced the lock so they couldnt get in my room. lol. I'm also pretty sure my one room mate stole my wallet and tried to get me arrested/kicked out of school because there were two hits of acid in it. Two+ weeks after it mysteriously went missing it turned up somewhere on campus that i never go to with most of the money still inside and the two hits of acid inside. weird right? wallets don't usually go missing that long and still have mostly intact money and drugs. but i dunno maybe i dropped it in a bush or some shit. Pretty sure i remember leaving it here though.
additional evidences of wallet theft, conversation with room mate:
"Hey I can't find my wallet have you seen it"
"bhrbhrbhrrbhrbh(stuttering) you have a wallet? I didn't even know you had a wallet"
"Yes. That's a pretty weird response."
"What does it look like?"
"Like a wallet that doesn't belong to anybody else in the house."

i dunno maybe the guy is just weird. You should've seen his face though, like a deer in headlights.

fuckin douche bags
the best part is the other day we ran out of trashbags. I already do most of the cleaning around th ehouse so i was like, "hey how about if i buy the trashbags and you guys take the trash out from now on."
My one sociopathic room mate then declared, "Hey i bought trashbags from the dollar store last time."
"Well you should work some shit out with the other guys so they have to do some extra trash taking outs."
"Yea like we should have some kind of system so that when you do good stuff you get rewarded for it."
"yea like if you bring 500 dollars worth of furniture, dishes (also an xbox and a printer) and everything else a house needs and your room mates bring 15 dollars worth of pots and pans and a toaster maybe they should have to buy a trashcan and a vacuum cleaner."
*roommate goes to room plots revenge*

greatest event ever.

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