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hitman absolution is kinda gay

if u restart from a checkpoint it respawns everybody, even the ppl who you killed before you got to the checkpoint.
i got a silenced weapon in one level. finished the level and at the end he drives to the next level. the next level begins and i no longer have the silenced weapon. :/
90% of the game so far is running from/through stuff

seriously the more i think about this game the more i think its gay
so far there haveonly been like.. 2 hits.
both were so easy that its a joke. Pretty sure i got the highest rating on both of the only missions where i had to kill someone without even trying. Both times they basicallywalked into a room by themselves.
the restof the game was just running through shit or trying to sneak through an area where there's not even the goal of killing a person. wtf. did the makers of this game ever even PLAY A HiTMAN gAME?

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