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You've yet to murder everyone in Chinatown silently with the katana and the Chipmunk suit, though.

That's another thing - the levels themselves are filled with these grim, dark, hilarious things and none of that ever translates into the cutscenes and the story. And it hasn't been that way in any Hitman game, as a matter of fact. I get the feeling like they don't know what it should be and part of it is self-aware that it should be a fun game while another part isn't.

I'm playing the game like a solo sneaking mission. When I said Dishonoured should be more like Hitman, this wasn't the game I had in mind. So far, I like this Hitman more, honestly. I have a lot of problems with Dishonoured that still exist, although the level design is unparalleled in that game. As a murder simulator, it's much better.
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