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Dear god in heaven, not again. What is it with Marvel? When did they decide to go from story lines that just effected one character, to things like "Dear god Emma Frost sneezed, the astral plane has slipped, and everyone is now a mutant frog!" World changing events were all fine and dandy when they'd come along once and a while, but every few months something new and earth shattering is insane. I'd love to see for something like a new race of aliens come to Earth, just to smack the Earth heros and villans, for effing up reality on such a consistant basis. You know somewhere along the line, someone has to be getting pretty tired of this crap (other then the readers). I liked the off shoot and one off comics, like the retelling of various legends using Marvel characters (Momotaro and the X-Men was particularly good).From the early 80's on I've been into comics, but god's above Marvel, your making it hard! I survived the 90's comic era! You should treat me better dang it!
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