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Thanks for the comments, guys. It's refreshing to see so many geeks who are capable of making fun of themselves, or at least having a sense of humor about it when other people do.

I myself fall into many of these categories: music, movies, video games, comics, sci-fi, role-playing games, and toys, so I'm definitely taking plenty of shots at myself here too.

Also, I should say that when I was searching for pics and I found that pic of the furry LARPers, I couldn't stop laughing for a good three minutes.

saturnknight: No offense to your girlfriend, but there will be no reading of fan fiction here. Not on my watch.

Magic Flyin' Lemur: Back in college one of my friends lived on a dorm hall with a furry who apparently wrote these bizarre stories about himself being attacked and raped by werewolves, which included sharp claws being thrust into his asshole. Apparently the guys on the hall would get on his computer and read these crazy stories when he was gone.

Bikegeek/Mockery: Yeah, I suppose I could have included fitness geeks. Hell, there's a lot of other types I probably could have added if I'd wanted to, but you gotta draw the line somewhere.

Tetsu Deinoychus: I could've included card game geeks but I figure they're close enough to the RPG geeks there wasn't really any point in distinguishing them with their own separate entry.

Butters: You may have a point, but most people I've talked to have considered MMORPG players lower on the totem pole because they're not really being social like table-top gamers. True, many gamers are socially retarded, but at least they're trying.

Marthaeus Autolykos
: So I can't help but notice that you like to over analyze things...

Beatpole: Hell, I think I would pay money to see that shit. Sounds like hilarious entertainment.

KillerMcGee: You have a point, and I do play board games with my friends, but I think I would classify those more in the "RPG" type of category due to the similarities in subject matter, and I would consider things like Balderdash (my favorite board game) to be in a separate "board game" category. Still, I don't think there's enough of a following to really be considered a social sub group worth mentioning.

Despotofks: Do you have a man-crush on me or something? I "disappointed" you because I make a few typos and mistakes? I didn't know you held me on such a pedestal.
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