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Originally Posted by Despotofks View Post
Sure Protoclown, you win. You are the Jodie Foster to my John W. Hinckley Jr. I point out your mistakes because of a man-crush. I'm not going to say that I point out your mistakes to try and help you realize you've made them so, in the future, you'll do better. It's made obvious by the fact that you get defensive and resort to sophomoric teasing when faced with what could be construed as constructive criticism that to do so would be of no help. No, I point out your mistakes because they piss me off. They piss me off because, just like most of the bloggers who have developed an angry rant-like style to their writing since Maddox came out, you suck at it. I've got to think that my reactions to your writing are the same ones you get when you're watching a zombie flick too terrible to be good but eithr too good to be funny-bad or too high budget to be funny-bad. It's easy, people get the angriest when you fuck up their favorite style.
I appreciate when people point out my mistakes, so that I can correct them. I don't appreciate people being dicks about it. You don't have to like my writing (that I get paid for, by the way), but it's a little masochistic, don't you think, if you hate it so much yet apparently keep returning to read more of it.
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