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Almost every movie has a certified asshole, whether they try to or not, so it can be hard to make a condensed list of each.

You can go with Chris Hargensen from Carrie, due to the fact that she caused the main character freak out dumping pigs blood on her while uncontrollably licking her lips. On the same note you can take other villains from Steven King novels, like Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining” or Kathy Bates character in “Misery”.

Other assholes include ones from the Indiana Jones series. My favorite would have to be Major Arnold Ernst Toht because he was such a prick and looked a little creepy in those horn-rimmed glasses.

Judge Elihu Smails from Caddyshack or Gregory Marmalard and Douglas C. Niedermeyer from Animal House are also a couple of suggestions of people that can be looked at.

You can go even into the horror genre, but I view most of the supposed villains more as heroes or simply misunderstood people that are trying to clear the world of dimwitted, horny teenagers.
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