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Originally Posted by hisholiness View Post
I think that character on the tip of your tongue is called Captain Crook. He is/was part of the McDonald's cast of characters. I hope that helps. I wonder if they have mega yard sales on the west coast, if they do i'm sure you'll find one and visit it. Thanks for the laughs.
Captain Crook! That's it... thanks for clearing that one up for me, it was driving me crazy haha. And yeah, I haven't seen any mega yard sales out here yet, but if I catch word of 'em, you know I'll be going. Honestly though, this gargantuan flea market was way better than those mega yard sales could ever hope to be, so I'll keep going to it on a monthly basis most likely.

Originally Posted by executioneer View Post
those aren't intellivision games those are atari 2600 games unless the intellivision games are on the bottom
Yeah, I looked through 'em all and they were almost all Intellivision games in that pile. I would've bought some, but I already have loose copies of those ones and I bought a boxed copy of "Truckin'" not too long ago. Can't go wrong with a title like Truckin'. That just screams *action-packed!*

Originally Posted by Pentegarn View Post
So there were 2 Evil Knievel lunch boxes there at least (from the pictures you showed us anyway) I thought those things were supposed to be rare now?
Beats me... I'm not up to speed on what lunchboxes are extremely rare, but I'd honestly be surprised if Evil Knievel ones were since he was so popular back in the day. Every kid had an Evil Knievel motorcycle stunt toy and probably the lunchbox to go along with it.
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