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I wish I could go to Comic-Con. In case you guys don't know me, you probably already do, and if you do, I'm so sorry for anything I did to upset you. I live in Australia so we have Supernova instead of Comic-Con, and I haven't been to a Supernova or even SMASH anime fair in years because those things are always on when I've had to study.

Protoclown and you guys are always awesome, but sometimes I'm bewildered when I'm unfamiliar with 1980s franchises like Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe. Not that those things aren't bad, I just feel... unfamiliar with them, since I never even saw G.I. Joe to this very day. In Australia it's different to America because we're so isolated from the rest of the world here, and we don't get access to limited edition toys and collectables as easy. Call it tyranny of distance if you will.

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