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I went to see this movie with some friends on opening night, and let's just say we go there at the right time.
I've never seen the theatre so packed, and it actually added to the movie.

Anyways, the whole Bat-Voice thing actually annoyed the hell out of me. I just wanted him to shut up and disappear off to the Bat-Cave or something.
Oh, and the retarded teen working the projector had no idea what "focus" means, so the movie was extremely blurry 75% of the time.

And I really hope they leave the Joker out of any sequels, because Ledger's performance cannot be topped.
Unless they go ahead and have some other guy play a Joker impersonator. Which would still suck I guess.
But while the Joker's "magic" may have been gruesome, everyone in the audience got a good laugh out of some little thing he did in every scene. Having a homicidal psycopath who can make you laugh at the drop of a hat is a weird, but amazing mix.

And he's a pretty decent looking "hot nurse."
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