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Originally Posted by Darqlink51 View Post
As much as I love your articles, I personally think your bias against the prequel trilogy is unprovoked. Dear God, enjoy it as a movie! If its not EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE BLOODY ORIGINAL TRILOGY it can still enjoy as a movie. Not every Star Wars has to satisfy you more than A New Hope (but still, thank god you're not one of those people who claim IV is the ONLY Star Wars). Sure, Lucas made a few mistakes (hiring Natalie Portman, for one), but still, he's not that bad of a director.
I think you misunderstand me. My issue with the prequels isn't that they are different from the original trilogy. It's that they are horrible, shitty movies. You can't look at those movies objectively and come away thinking they are anything other than shit, I'm sorry. Just analyze the plot, characters, and acting on their own merit (taken out of context of the whole series) and they are just really, really bad all around.
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