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Originally Posted by kahljorn View Post
did you ever win any competitions?
yeah, a few, i was the best dedede player in the country at the time i quit

Originally Posted by Fathom Zero View Post
lol @ pro Brawl players

My roommate last year was the #1 Brawl player in the state and we made fun of him mercilessly. The best was when we were talking to a stranger and we came across the topic of Smash Bros. We mentioned said roommate's name and the dude's eyes opened wide and yelled "BASSEM!? YOU KNOW BASSEM!? OH MY GOD!" We completely lost our shit laughing.

In short - Brawl = meh, it's alright.
LMFAO yeah i know bassem, never met him though

yeah i know it's silly but i've always loved smash and wanted to know how good i could get at it, and being able to travel a lot with free housing was a big plus. i once got to fly down to texas and enter a huge tournament for about $50 combined
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