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Well, when I think about it...which of the two is more dangerous for children? Sex or´s not like there´s tits on every corner here, I just think we Europeans in general deal with that specific topic in a more...healthy or natural way than the US, just my observation. Violence on the other hand...well, I guess that´s still because of the wars back then...

Anyway, on to happier thoughts. Finished Darkness 2 yesterday after about 7 or 8 hours I would say. Short but sweet game, a perfect rental title if you ask me.
Also, hour 20 has passend in Kingdoms of Amalur and I´m still loving it. It DOES feel like a SP MMO every now and then though, kind of like you´re the only one on a live server...but that´s okay with me, there´s more than enough to do there, everyone and their granny has a quest for you.
And after I tried being a magical Rogue for a while, I respecced back to pure Rogue, it´s just more fun that way since I don´t need spells for anything anyway, I either shoot everyone with my bow or stab them into next week with my daggers. And I finally found a better chestpiece, the old one looked really stupid...
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