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I thought it sucked. charlize theron was good in it. but i dont see how you could at all be a fan of the cartoon and like this.

To me the most interesting part of the whole series was the fucked up relationship between aeon and trevor and how their jealousy destroys everything around them. None of that transitioned into the movie. They took the main chracters of the show and made them completley boring by removing the all of the selfishness that made them interesting in the first place. they made them both heros. Then just put some typical hollywood bullshit romance and some good looking action sequences.

in word, it is ok to watch for the action and aeon and thats it. it is boring otherwise and takes the good out of the show. I am suprised at some of the reviews I read where fans of the show actually liked it. I have to wonder if they got the show at all, or if i did.
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