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I had this one guy who was a reptile "expert" take the snakes we would impound. He was a short greasy, smelly sort of guy who tried to impress the ladies with his exotic hobby. Anyways he was called in to pick up a snake we caught, The snake was about 4 ft boa and it was aggressive. This snake would hiss and strike at the glass everytime someone would go into the room to clean. I warned this guy about the snake being aggressive. He said I didn't know a thing about snakes about since this species is known to be docile. He spent about 10 mins chatting me up and trying to impress me with his snake knowledge. He was able to get the hissing snake out of the cage and instead of putting it into another cage to carry out, he let it coil around his arm and started to walk out. Just as he was leaving two very pretty young ladies walked in looking to adopt a kitten. They see the snake and ask the guy a question about it. As he started into his "lets impress the ladies speech" about snakes, while petting the snake in the head. Suddenly the snake opened wide and bit his hand and latched on, and stared to tighten the coil around his arm. The ladies kinda giggled and asked him if it hurt...I walked over and asked if he needed help removing the snake or if he wanted me to call for medical help (I guess it did not help that I was laughing) Thru clenched teeth he said "No" and walked to his car with the snake still biting him, blood all over his hand, and his fingers turning blue. Good thing that species of snake was "docile".
Well that's exactly the reason why guys shouldn't try to impress girls with their big snakes.
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