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Originally Posted by Supafly345 View Post
Put a towel on your erect penis and lift.
I know the exercise yer talking of. It's making your dick "twitch". Some guys can't do it or don't know how though. This is an easy test. Next time you have to piss, let it rip and then quickly stop it, in mid-flow. let it flow again, then stop it. A certain muscle controls this. If you can stop yer pee, you can use this muscle (this also applies to females, which is supossed to make the vagina contract slightly). The exercise for men to strengthen this muscle is to get a boner and just act like you are stopping your piss flow. The penis should twitch. Keep doing this repeatedly, 10-20 times. It can be tiring at first, to where the dick won't twitch anymore. As you get better at this, you can "weightlift" this muscle by draping a dry towel on the end of your erect penis. For some reason, I really feel the need to stress DRY TOWEL on ERECT penis. If you wanna use a wet towel on yer limp dong, fine, but i doubt much exercise of the muscle in question will result.
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