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Hey BC!

This thread was made with the operating basis that while what I did may have been what was expressly demanded of me by legal statute and Western Civilization's conceptions of "right" and "wrong", I was, in fact, operating outside of certain contemporary norms and practices. We whom other people find tolerable, you see, often attend social rituals such as "keggers" wherein the explicit purpose of having alcohol available is to make sex more plausible.

So no, I wouldn't say that you're wrong in the points you're making. I actually agree with them. The message of this thread was that sometimes we have to balance the satisfaction of being a good person with the loss of satisfaction that comes from achieving an orgasm in a situation that most of my peers probably would have embraced unscrupulously.

If you have a penis, I'm sure you were already aware of all this and you're just posting to deflect the internalized malaise of never using said penis despite your best efforts.

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