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Fathom: I saw MK:A once in the theater. When two 13-year-olds complain about a movie made post-Jurassic Park looking too pixelated, you know that something went horribly wrong somewhere. That being said, there was a disturbingly long period when I thought that the soundtrack for it was the only cd in existence worth owning.

Blasted: No hard feelings! I titled this thread ironically to point out that what should be standard normal behavior is a rare anomaly, so it was just irritating to see the direction things went. To show my kind spirits, I will tell you this: tell your girlfriend that while she's in Spain she should seek out a cream liqueur called "Crema Catalana". The best brand for the money is Melody. It's a vast improvement on the idea of Bailys based on a traditional dessert local to Catalunia by the same name. Tell her to find it and bring as much back to you as possible regardless of excise statutes, I've literally been driving myself insane trying to find a way to import with shipping less than four times the price of the bottle. That's assuming she can find time to do this outside of banging one guy after another who claims to be Antonio Banderas.

Shrubfest: I think Pub would call that due karma.


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