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I was hoping that the writers that did Alpha Protocol did the writing here too cause AP had some really good stuff going on there. Happy to read that I was right aparently

I´ll get my copy tomorrow I guess. Funny thing is, the english uncut import-version is the cheapest. If I was totally stupid and wanted the german cut (no splattering and dismemberment at all, fuck that), I´d pay 20€ more (yes, twenty bucks more for less game). The german synchro (what´s it called in english, Dub?) is good but against the guys in the english one? Fuck no, I won´t play that in german. Ron Pearlman alone is enough reason to play it with the original voices.

The only question is...will I play as Doc Synder, menace of the wastes or Richter (yes, it´s even more fun for me to name someone Richter), Hero of Vegas first...
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