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Without mentioning those already mentioned, for Wii games I'd recommend:

Either of the Zelda games, or both.
Although I haven't gotten very far into it yet, I found The Last Story to be pretty enjoyable, and way easier to get a copy of than Xenoblade...
Madworld is a lot of fun if you like beat-em-ups.
Metroid Prime Trilogy is totally worth owning, even if you already played the first two games on Gamecube.
Muramasa is a lot of fun and pretty. If you have a Vita you might want to wait for the port for that though.
Both No More Heroes games. I still say they're the bast games on the Wii. The first game is a bit better than the second one.
If you haven't played it on PS2 go buy Okami, like now.
I've been playing a lot of Pandora's Tower lately. It's a fun, yet slightly flawed action RPG, that at times feels like a Metrodvania game.
If you like on-rail shooters (like Panzer Dragoon or Starfox) Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is great.
Sonic Colors is the best "3D" Sonic game. Yeah, I know that's not saying a lot, but it's genuinely a good platformer and the closest modern attempt to the classic Sonic feel, aside from the 2D Sonic stages in Sonic Generations.

As for Wii U games:
There's not much to really recommend right now. If you don't have it already for another console or PC, Darksiders 2 is good. and with the Wii U tablet controller, it's a bit better than the other versions.
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is really good, but you have to like that kind of game. I'd try d/l'ing the demo first so you have an idea of how combat works. There's so much farming to do in that game, but it does feel rewarding.
Lastly, if it didn't come with your Wii U, Nintendo Land is way more fun than it should have been for a pack-in/tech demo.
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