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it's fantastic. The first half is basically the NES Punch-Out you already know and love, but the second half? With all the fighters having new moves and invulnerabilities? Shit's intense. And really funny. King Hippo just...tapes a manhole cover to his stomach.

Kirby's Epic Yarn is hella fuggin zen, and Kirby's Return to Dreamland is pretty cool. Also Donkey Kong Country Returns is really good and hard as shit. There's also a great remake of the first Klonoa too.

Seconding Sin&Punishment and Silent Hill.

I'd say skip Zelda: Twilight Princess and jump right into Skyward Sword. TP's better on Gamecube because the controls were just really rushed and don't use the Motion Plus. Plus it's just a very bloated game.

Naturally, the Mario Galaxies. Skip Super Paper Mario. Just don't play it.

Rhythm Heaven Fever is probably the best of the series and is just a really fun rhythm game. It requires impeccable timing though; it's really not a party game because it requires more concentration than your Guitar Heroes and your DDRs.

Zack and Wiki is adventure game brilliance.

A Boy and His Blob is pretty fucking excellent. Amazing art/animation, and the levels get pretty fucking difficult without being too obnoxious.

Don't play Metroid Other M. In some countries, it's a form of capital punishment.

Lastly, Elebits is a fucking weird game, but pretty fun. It's Gravity Gun: the Game.

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