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Death Proof wasn't that bad, it's just that (like a lot of grindhouse flicks) it too way too long to get to the point and paid off at the end with one heck of a car chase. Plus the whole movie stank of being sliced and diced: the beginning title sequence was badly edited on and possibly the first half of the movie was new footage inserted to make the whole 'Death Proof' title accurate. If anything, the real movie itself is 'Thunder Bolt' in which Stuntman Mike terrorizes three stuntwomen in a car. The DJ girls and the bar sequence was nothing but a joke to be slapped onto the beginning of the movie ala Dr. Butcher M.D.

So in a sense, the movie works, but it wasn't well thought out. Rodriegez made his movie fun. Tarantino made a Grindhouse movie without really thinking how it would play to everybody not in on the joke. And the Weinsteins forgot that the whole movie as it ran in theaters is what everybody wanted on the DVD, and that separating them takes the joke way out of context and makes it completely pointless.

That said, if I came across either steelbook of both movies for really cheap, I'd get them. But my heart is still in a mega DVD release of this fine film that was one of the best cinematic experiences I've ever had but wasn't given enough credit.
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