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Originally Posted by dextire View Post
Haha, you really like to wait till the last possible second don't you? I hope you don't wait so long to ship your stuff out, if you're allowed in.

Uh, did you read the rules? The big bold yellow parts at least? (The answer is no dollar store stuff! )
I was hoping my gratuitous use of punctuation along with my implying that I was to attempt to mail one person a package of fifty tins of, for cat, liver flavored meat-like meat byproduct would easily convey my tone of jest in my silly questioning of a perceived loop hole (considering the whole package as the gift, one could still buy a gift at a dollar store that has a total monetary value of the agreed value range, which due to each item at said stores being approximately a dollar, would entail purchasing a higher number of such items, as I originally stated, thus not buying one a cheap 99cent gift).
Even though this may have not been clear, even through my quite obvious attempts at satire, your response did not require the use of such an angry face, quite vulgar my sir.
In case my tone is still not all that clear here is a photograph that I feel encompasses my theme:

[I was being silly]