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Old Nov 15th, 2005, 12:44 AM        Email of the Moment #15
In response to my mocking of the horrible acting by the guy in the Listerine commercial ( ), one of his friends emailed me.

From: hotmail []
Subject: guy

Hi. I just read your article on the Listerine guy. I happen to know Steve very well. He is a great guy indeed. I know for sure that he got so much $$$$$$ (yes, count the digits) from that commercial and I am very happy for him. It was supposed to be a test shooting only, and then Listerine cut the budged down and they aired it aggressively afterwards. Trust me, there are few honest, good people among us and Steve is one of them. He is also a male model, (very successful one), he just got married to a beautiful young lady and I am really proud to be his friend.

Pretty sad that he has to get his friends (or pose as a friend) to reaffirm his so-called success in life. Fact of the matter is, this guy could very well be the nicest guy on the planet and it wouldn't matter for shit. Why? Because I was making fun of his piss-poor acting job in that stupid commercial, nothing more. Even Troma wouldn't hire him to act in a movie. He's just that bad.
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