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Could Dexter bring Alejandro's corpse from Heroes to the train tracks to make her demise that much more fun? Pretty much the second those two were introduced I knew the second season was going to be a lot of suck. And it was! Yay! Now, I know, they had to turn a mid point episode into a finale but really sucked. The best parts, as always, were Hiro. Ooh, and right after Bennett shoots Nathan Dexter should shoot Peter in the head with a hollow point bullet, no coming back from that.

He needs to kill off The Wiggles. Maybe switch that pirates sword with a real one so that when he tickles them he slices them up. Hey, I'm a Kindergarten teacher, these things become common knowledge.

Skating With Celebrities
, just for their replacement of Arrested Development, just have the ice break while they're all skating or something. In fact, while we're at it let's throw all the cast members current and former of reality television shows down the hole while we're at it. Even The Surreal Life so that we'll never have to hear about Flavor of Love or I Love New York or any of the crap that came from it.

He should visit the house in Step By Step and one by one just push them all down the steps.

Anything on MTV after Singled Out and Loveline went off the air, not that they were great shows but that was about the end of any quality programming on MTV (The Maxx and The Head anyone?

Oh, and the mother fucking Neutrino's from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Of all the stupid characters thrown in to make a toy line I hated them the most.
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