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Reality shows are so unbelievably hilarious.

I've seen that Fraternity/Sorority Life a few times on MTV and it's like watching the freak show at a circus. They could not have picked bigger morons to put on TV. And these are morons IN COLLEGE! If you made a reality show about a bunch of crack fiends who live in the same abandoned warehouse together, it wouldn't be as funny because they couldn't possibly be as stupid as the retards who consider belonging in a frat the greatest honor ever.

Although the crack head show would be LOL, just not as LOL.
Bobo Adobo is funnier and smarter than all of you, proven by the fact that he is currently in a high-paying and important government job where he earns a fat cash paycheck and much pussy. How did he get so famous and successful you ask? It's simple: he has never, in his entire life, watched one second of anime.
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