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Originally Posted by Chojin View Post
"smh" is probably the gayest thing to happen in the history of the written word, btw

for those of you who don't know any idiots, it's shorthand for "shaking my head." its proper use is apparently at the beginning and/or end of every sentence.

i was also hanging out with some people the other day and watching futurama, then one of them actually facepalmed a few times during the episode. later in the evening i said something about furries having no redeemable qualities and they were all "no way man i know furries and they're cool, this is the wrong group to say that in"

basically i hate everyone
Your problem seems to involve loser friends; I recommend getting new ones

Of course, some of my new friends kept calling me at three am, just making sure that I didn't know where to SCORE SOME BLOW, so new friends can be bigger pains in the ass than the old ones, I dunno...

Actually, now that I think of it, out of ALL the friends I've made since moving back to California, the only consistently cool ones are all gay. So, the answer to your problem of hating everyone is gay people.
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