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Originally Posted by mburbank View Post
Can you store cut'n'pastes?

"Okay... You are aware, right, that this is the forum of a site, and that the people on this forum like that site and that's why they are members of that forum, right? I mean, you didn't just come here blindly and post a statement in a random thread without having the slightest idea of where you were, or what you were writing about, like some sort of spastic lab monkey with electrodes running into it's partially exposed skull, strapped in front of a computer, flailing away at a keyboard with no notion at all what it was doing, did you? Seriously?"
Originally Posted by Pentegarn View Post
Who wrote that anyway?
Originally Posted by mburbank View Post
Was that in the comments section of the story of the Easter Bunny? I seem to recognize some of the prose.

Incidentally, that story was one of the funniest things I had ever read on this site, before or since.
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