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Originally Posted by LordSappington View Post
I came back for a bit to give you guys an update.
I've been going to my therapy sessions, and have been taking all of it very seriously. I started taking a light dose of Zoloft every day, and everything is working very well for me so far.
I'm sorry for all the drama and attention seeking I tried to gather here; I'm not well known for my rational posting here, I suppose. But still, it wasn't really called for.
For the first time in about as far back as I can even remember, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin, and don't feel like I'm being judged everywhere I go. I can actually talk and socialize and be active without getting nervous or anxious. It's kind of weird that it took a breakup and near suicide attempt to start the process to reach this point, but hey, in the end it's working out well, so I'm not complaining.
I'm not back together with my ex. We're still open for the future possibly, but it's not my top priority. Right now, I'm just waiting for my surgery and subsequent recovery so I can get back to working and earning and starting to really live.
So, thank you guys for the support some of you have given me. And thanks to everyone else; some of the posts made me realize I was being dramatic, and complaining wasn't helping me any.
Just be glad you didn't wind up being as sad as this guy.
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