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Originally Posted by Colonel Flagg View Post
Pentegarn is right. Time to talk baseball.

Phillies management is taking a lot of heat for not trying to keep Cliff Lee in addition to getting Roy Halladay. Apparently, Lee is "shocked and dismayed" that he found out he was traded just days after beginning to negotiate for a longer term deal. Fans are pissed too - the thought of having a pitching staff with two bonafide #1 starters had most people thinking dynasty. Now, there is one.

For my money, I think Amaro was given an ultimatum - one or the other, not both. But he's a good soldier, and will take the heat if Halladay has a career ending injury in preseason.\

I like the move - it will make for an excellent 1-2 punch if Hamels can regain his stride in '10 - maybe by developing that elusive curve ball. Additionally, they got some good prospects in return from the Mariners. I really liked Lee, though - he was and is a class act, and made a great impression in only half a season with Philadelphia.
I read that it was all about money and halladay was willing to settle for less if it would get him onto a champsionship caliber team. Cliff lee wanted too much money so it was a wise move by philly financially.

MIke lowell failed the physical exam after texas rangers team doc discovered torn ligament in his thumb. So he is staying in boston. AWKWARD.
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