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Okay , unfortanutly for you that you see it that way. You said about a childs gimmik.Jesus did say unless you have a heart like a child you will not recieve the kingdom of God. Meaning to believe.

Reasoning and logic will not help with understanding or even come close to faith.
I am sad to hear that you just do not believe the bible.It is true and I hope that you will come to believe.
We where never created to live on our own.We where created to trust in rely on God.He knows what is best for us , if you believe.
In my own personal experiance God has never disappointanted me.
Ive prayed for help in many areas of my life and God answered my prayers cause I believe.
Okay sometimes He doesnt answer them right when I wont them answered but He does answer. Gods timeing is perfect.
There has been times where I have prayed like God I need 310.00 for car insurance by the 21 st of Dec. Funny how on the 21 st I got a check in the mail for 307.89 It was like a rebate check from the insurance company.Perfect timing. God said in His word He would supply all of your needs. And He does.
Another thing that was awesome about God even though Adam and Eve disobeyed God.He still provided for them.