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Old Dec 16th, 2006, 04:57 PM        So I just got back from Angels and Airwaves
Well first thing first Tom is so full of himself it's clear how different a person him and Mark are.

Tom Came out on stage moving like Edward scissorhands had a bastard lovechild with Robert Smith and wearing a My Chemical Romance black parade style shirt uniform thingy.

He began singing in the style of "Robert Smith hasn't hit puberty" and if you've seen him recently you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Anywho David Kennedy of Boxcar Racer fame (who autographed a boxcar racer insert for me) was almost an afterthought only copying or backing up Tom basicly he was just a good friend being backup guitar and moral support but i didn't care cause I still love the way he plays. The drummer was doing spectacular job it's clear why the Offspring chose him to replace Ron Weltey, no Travis Barker perhaps but CERTAINLY no slouch. VERY good AND origanel. The bassist was almost the total star, playing ASTOUNDING bass work and deep keyboard stuff he may have looked like something AFI threw up but he was good. In case our wondering after the show he was asked if the Distillers were history he said "I dunno, the frontman has a new project, but if i have the free time and they want me to I'd love to come back and do some more, it's all amicable" I don't like the Distillers, to simple and rancid sounding for me, but this bassist RULES.

They never let you forget who they are even if they are doing a pretty good Cure impersonation half the time. With an electronic rendition of Blink 182's I miss you (I would have preffered Violence, or ,Down or Stockholme, or I wanna fuck a dog in the ass, but beggars can't be choosers) and the staple Boxcar Racer cover of There Is. They told stories about the meaning of life and love and just joking a lot about amputees midgets fucking trolls. They talked about the Punk Rock they grew up with and this band's goal of taking it to a next step about building meaningful deep music that matters instead of the usual fuck you to the people you hate while hanging with your friends punk rock.

Since the live show was SO MUCH similar to Cure type stuff then their album (which did not make me think of the Cure at all) I asked if Tom would ever work with Smith again and he said no, but he is doing his best to get that guy from Depeche Mode on the next album and that they are almost ready to return to the studio and record the new album.

Also here is a quick overview of the opening acts

Cinemascope - suck
Playing with matches - hella fun, but the singer's voice is to high pitched. But the cover of Beat it, is HILARIOUS and very very good.
Happy Endings - not nearly as annoying live since the singer hit puberty, not great either.
Shinedown - I hate Southern Rock and metal, but I LOVE this band.

Definatley worth the price of admission I just wish the audience would STFU so I could listen to the singer and the band I was front row and all i heard was the audience whistling and cheering THROUGH EVERY GOD DAMN SECOND FOR 7 HOURS!

But I cross this off my list of bands to see before I die

next up:
AFI (I have V-day tickets)
Flaming Lips
Mars Volta
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