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Time for some Super-Nerdery! It makes sense to me that the Sith would only have two members. The Jedi have been running a holocaust basically on the Sith for fucking millenia. The Sith used to have a massive amount of members, just like the Jedi, but then they pretty much got wiped out. The Sith keep such a low membership so that they can stay under the Jedi radar and run a guerilla campaign against them. If there were a hundred Sith on Coruscant instead of just Palpatine, they'd be found out and destroyed. Remember how Anakin is supposed to "balance the Force"? And then remember how he helps Palpatine kill all the Jedi? After the Jedi cleansing, there are only TWO left; Yoda and Obi-Wan. How many Sith are there? TWO; Vader and Palpatine. Therefore balancing the Force. End my geeky tirade and my horrible grammar.
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