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Let me tell you, it actually was a thrill when Phantom Menace came out and my boyfriend and his best friend won tickets for us to go see it at a midnight showing. Watching through it the first time was a trip, although it was possible to see some of the glaring flaws even then (the "accidental" explosion of the control ship, for example), but JarJar didn't get annoying until about the third watch-through (I worked at a store where we could show movies and that was one they found 'acceptable for in-store play.') I'm not raving mad about the prequels (I've never been a die hard Star Wars fan, I just like them.) but I can agree that they don't live up to the originals. Most sequels (heh) never do.

Personally, I found more flaws in the second movie than the first (and I've yet to see the third). I'm curious to see if any of my dislikes make the list.
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