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Where to start?? Hey! You guys have girl fans too, so can we please see more girl characters represent??

- Frosta from She-Ra Princess of Power
- Cleo the cat from Heathcliff cartoon
- Band members from Kidd Video and /or their villain Master Blaster.
- Ed Grimley
- The 3 kids from Mysterious Cities of Gold, desperately trying to warm up.
- ... not sure if anyone will actually remember these guys, but Belle and Sebastian!
Sheila, the Thief with the freakin' awesome purple-turns-you-invisible cloak from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon
- Oh, OH!! Futura and the Ghost Buggy from Filmations Ghostbusters! (not those overrated "Real" Ghostbusters!)
- Cheetara!!
- The Little Mermaid frozen in a block of ice (I don't really like her and would find it highly amusing to have her frozen in a block like that...)
- OMG PLEASE Bucky O' Hare & Jenny!?
- Any of the cool Dinosaucers
- The Liquidator from Darkwing Duck

and of course I feel I have to suggest the following:

- Jem and /or the Holograms

Ok! that's all I can think of off the top of my head!
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