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I've been using my Intuos3 for 5 years and it's really beat the fuck up (btc helped resolder the USB cable after an accident. It's been held together by duct tape for the past year). But this thing's AMAZING.

Also got the complete Sam & Max collection because I never read any of their stuff. And I got a pretty awesome leather jacket, except it makes me look a lot older (and I just bought a jacket very similar to Leon Kennedy's three weeks ago that makes me look like my actual age for once )

And a bunch of money and misc clothes.

EDIT: Totally random story BUT I NEED TO VENT.

I visited my relatives tonight for Christmas and we're watching TV. One of my relatives is talking about MTV and how it needs to be taken off the air. Meanwhile we're watching Cartoon Network (for the youngest in the family. And because I like CN.) My relative looks at the TV and says:
"Cartoon Network...that's another station that needs to be taken off the air. It's the Japanese screwing up our kids. Pokeyman, Bankoogan...we bomb them, they get back at us!"
Except the cartoon we were watching was Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. And I'm a cartoonist. I hate visiting family on holidays

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