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I got:
Godzilla box set (9 movies, or something like that)
Godzilla dvds not included in the box set
Planet of the Apes complete set (this bitch has every movie, the tv show, the animated series, the remake, AND it stows safely away in the back of this Caesar bust. Super cool, and limited edition :O)
Big Star Wars book (fucking huge and includes a toooooonne of info on everything Star Wars over the years)
Spider-Man vault book ("museum in a book" with rare collectibles. Reeeeally cool shit. It has a bunch of old stuff from over the years, like trading cards and sketch pages)
M&M mug
The Wire complete series box set
Onion playing cards, framed magazine covers, and desk calendar
I-Mockery poster pack
Fright-Rags shirt (Silent Night, Deadly Night!)
Red Skull bobblehead
Phantasm, They Live, Tales from the Crypt double feature
Home Alone complete set
Christmas specials dvd set
Wolverine bust paper weight
Stephen King's new book of short stories
The Chrysalids and The Midwich Cuckoos (both are John Wyndham books, braw)
The last few volumes in the 100 Bullets series
Office season 1
Egg poacher

and a couple of other small things. Really fucking spoiled.

That was very funny. Well done.
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