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Old Aug 13th, 2011, 01:35 AM        Ron Paul should be elected
No I wouldn't normally vote for politicians as many are very corrupt, but as far as I know Ron Paul has been the most honest and consistent politician I've seen and that's a way to tell if someone is good. He hasn't flip flopped as far as I know. I know he doesn't like the Patriot Act, income tax, Federal Reserve, and stopping the wars in the middle east. He has not only wanted to bring troops back from the middle east, but everywhere for that matter, like Japan, South Korea, Germany ect. Also stopping the war on drugs, and he'd let the states decide which drugs ought to be legal and which should be illegal, as the Federal government has no right or authority to prohibit drugs. And besides prohibition has never worked. It didn't work for alcohol and it's not working for marijuana and heroin and other drugs. Also he would not have prostitution illegal. Basically he wants the states to have more rights, have a better foreign aid and stop reckless spending. He should have been elected in 1988 when he first ran. I'm thinking we wouldn't have these problems that we have now if he was elected back then. I recommend voting for him for 2012.
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