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Originally Posted by Tadao View Post
Yeah, good idea. Let the states get out of control and spill their drugs and prostitution and all the crime that goes along with it into the other states. Then when they need help cleaning it up, all the other states have to pitch in because everyone hates it when a crack house opens on their block. Brilliant! People like you never think about their neighbors or the long term effect of what you do.
Yes! It is a brilliant idea. Think about it. This War on Drugs is a total failure. We've spent billions of dollars on this, there's STILL a lot of crime, people are STILL using drugs, and why should we throw people in jail instead of, you know, actually helping them. You're so naive. Thinking that states will actually get out of control because of it. Marijuana and heroin among other drugs USED to be legal for most of the time in America, and not everyone fucking used drugs. It wasn't a horrible time and not everyone did it. What you're implying is if we legalized drugs now, EVERYONE'S gonna start using drugs. Would you use heroin and I made it legal today? Come on be reasonable. People are gonna use drugs whether you make them legal or not. Didn't you do any history homework? Didn't you know that we prohibited alcohol in this country. And look what happened there! It was a fucking disaster. It bred more crime, and basically created the Al Capones. I mean there was a reason why we repealed it, because it didn't work and it's not working now. At the very least marijuana should be legalized. That's not nearly as dangerous as cigarettes or alcohol
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