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Originally Posted by Tadao View Post
You obviously have never lived around a crack house or have junkie friends. But go ahead and walk around with your Ron Paul button. I'm sure you will get what you deserve.
You haven't added any sort of rebuttal so I'm gonna assume you really have no argument to back up your claims, and therefore you have no idea what you are talking about. On the contrary, I have had junkie friends in the past. Just because I would want the drugs to be legal, doesn't mean I want people to use drugs. It's their right to use it. It's there personal choice, and their choice alone. As I said the government can't make you a better person and it can't make you follow good habits. That is what you fail to understand. Prohibition of drugs SOUNDS good, but just because it sounds good doesn't mean that it is good. It didn't work for alcohol. It didn't work back then, there's no reason to think it would work now with other drugs. What more proof do you need? Besides it wouldn't be legal everywhere. Ron wants the STATES to decide, meaning if you don't like your area that consists of crack houses and junkies, move somewhere else. Besides drugs is just part of his policy. I know that would at least let hospitals use medical marijuana.

The other candidates have flip flopped so many times, Ron has been consistent and accurately predicted many of the problems we now go through today. I don't see any other person better than Ron at the moment.
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