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If she is actually doing all of that shit, plus if you don't live with her and she is making you do chores around her house when you visit, get out of that relationship. If you think that she is awful now, then just wait until you move in together. It gets about 20 times worse when you have to hear it daily.

My first girlfriend was kind of like this and I was with her for 3 years. It was horrible. And when I moved in with her, she started demanding I don't see my friends anymore, among other bitchy things. I complied because it was my first relationship, but eventually I grew a pair and told her to fuck off. And now I am my own man and have been for every relationship I've had since. The second a girl thinks she can change me or how I look, what I listen to, or how I live, they get a warning, then after they try again they're out.

It's ok to compromise when you know it's a something that may upset her, like yelling something offensive out of the car window if you know she won't like that, or not making fun of her friends' children and their stupid faces.
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