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Tomb Raider 2! Fuck all y'all's gritty reboots and generic Uncharted clones, I'm going back to when Tomb Raider was cool.

The PSX controls for it are driving me insane, I keep pressing square when I want to shoot and accidentally jumping on top of the tiger that's trying to maul me, and I keep pressing O when I want to pick stuff up and rolling past it. One time there was an item right in front of a death trap and I pressed O to pick it up and rolled right into a pair of fucking Last Crusade sawblades D:

It gives you the option of switching up the controls but you can't actually customize them, and all of the alternatives either don't change the face buttons or are fucking stupid. Other than that it's a real nostalgia trip though, I loved Tomb Raider as a young'un even when it was traumatizing the shit out of me.
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