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I just can't follow the stuff anymore, any of it. I'm also pretty sick and tired of "reboots" and "re-imaginings" (i.e. ultimates). How hard is it to simply sick to the backstory of the character and not do anything so drastic as to screw it up? If they want to bring people back from the dead then just write it in a believable manner and leave stuff like clones, skrulls, alternate realities and what-not out of it.

Didn't these writers learn anything from Bob Newhart? If it goes bad make the whole thing a dream sequence! How about Dragon Ball? Wish to the magic boogallo in the sky and your dead friend comes back! They are dirty tricks but they are certainly more preferable to convoluted multiple character variants that we have to pretend don't exist to keep our heads from exploding.

My theory:

All the heroes now are cloned skrulls. The skrulls were pretending to be the superheroes since the 40's but were recently eaten by the marvel zombies via a dimensional rift. Luckily the survivors had extensive cloning technology and samples of all the heroes, but unfortunately the skrulls of that dimension had killed and replaced the heroes years ago. Thus cloned skrulls. As for the real heroes, they are in dimension Z, just left of the Bizarro dimension, but none of that is going to matter because when the 369 dimensions merge it will cause a time-space paradox that'll make half of the stuff never happen anyway, unless it turns out to be unpopular, in which case it was a cloned dimension and not the real omniverse.
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