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I guess if you looked back on my short life on I-mockery I would say that the one thing that stood out for me was the fact that I hadn’t seen Chivalry like when I poked fun at a Character called Cherry. Cherry is most likely a very sweet British lady that liked to tell of her life and to my lacking knowledge I thought was new to the site. It was really beautiful to see men and I think other ladies standing if front of her with their swords of caustic wordage attacking me. With years of television such as Monty Python and SCTV under my belt I though I was well equipped to handle any such attack. I couldn’t care less if someone might take this short story as a way to humanize myself because I will never come back to I-mockery as a reincarnated “Nooby” that rides the coat tails of someone that deems themselves “Elite”. I never took I-Mockery seriously and I hope that Characters like Slinky Ferret read this and come to the realization that some people cherish an outlet like this to vent frustrations of the real world. I know that Slinky Ferret will say that you shouldn’t be so cruel or use such language and you know what I kind of get sick of movies with Fuck non-stop in the script but I didn’t write it and I respect the right of the person to express themselves.
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