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We may well find new oil. We may find ways of removing it that are economically feasible and not horrendously damaging to the already stressed environment. We may pull our nuts out of the fire again, and maybe next time to.

But nobody, nobody, nobody is arguining that fossil fules are infinite or renewable.

We may well avoid a world economy collapsing debacle. This time. maybe next time too. But sooner or later, it's going to happen. So what is the point of fucking around? The country that develops a viable alternative energy source first is going to gain an enormous emount of economic clout, not to mention save the world from a great deal of suffering.

Our position is like standing watching your drapes go up in flames and saying "Well sure, but the house hasn't burned down yet. I'll just spit on the fire now and assume that I'll put it out real good later."
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